The Son/Sun Also Rises

The Son/Sun Also Rises


I smile. I rise. 

Son rizas. Sun rises. We rise together. 

It is our first Easter with out my granddad. He is my first Palmy Greeting from Jamaica - one of my first son-rises in my family, but I smile today.

That is what my Aunt Janice taught me, through Kirk Franklin. It isn’t easy, but I smile. 

He sings, It is so hard to look up when you look down, but I say, “it is so hard to look down when you lookat the sun”. So today, 

We rise. 

Happy Easter.

Happy Resurrection. 

My granddad got baptized in his other-Mother’s church on Easter, and today our son, Jesus (the father, the sun, the Holy Ghost for those pictured who believe) rises. 

Palmy Greetings.

We are smiles. 

Let me reintroduce myself. 

I am a writer and like other authors I use this medium to greet each other how we greet the sun: with a smile. 

I was reminded when I stepped out of the shower on Palm Sunday. I tried to turn out the light, I flipped, pushed, moved every switch. I would have fixed the circuit because I was looking down. Then I looked up. The light was coming from a window. A sky light. I laughed. Of course the sun could illuminate my shower, as it has before. 

I told the story to my uncle as the sun rose. 

It was a reminder to look up at the sun and smile.

Like curled corners of smiling lips, The Sun rises. 

We respond to this call from nature with a smile.

I hope this greeting makes you smile. It was written with love, from the sun/son/shine. 

Look up / look out for more of this light in different forms. 

Keep it PG.

Love. Sunshines and sunrises; smiles from

GP, who still wants a Ph.D. But is a writer, and a smiler among other “hers” on Easter, 2018, who watched with awe when my Granddad rose from the baptismal waters in Spanishtown, JA. and greeted the sun and I with a smile. 

He is risen but we are rising. 

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Continue to rise my beautiful Neice , those are some great memories ❤️🥰he is gone but will never be forgotten. He memories live on Happy Easter


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