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Welcome to Palmy Greetings

Greetings to Palmy Forever Friends (PFF) and Family! Welcome to a new site, built with gratitude for the outpouring of support for Palmy Greetings in its 1st year of business! The site has been down for maintenance, but this new version features mementos from past collections and events. You can view some highlights on social media (@palmygreetings) and YouTube (PG Quick Flicks) but don’t forget to enjoy some of the new collection and deals for this month and beyond. For custom and seasonal greetings, creative events and more, Keep it PG!

Palmy Forever Friend: Kirby

PG Quick Flicks: S1E4

Kirby X Palmy Greetings

Birthday Greetings

PG Quick Flicks: S1E4: Ypsi First Fridays

Behind the Scenes with “PG Quick Flicks”

Palmy Quick Flick: S1E3: Dress for Success Michigan Juneteenth Vendor Pop-Up

GP enjoys all aspects of the business from planning to production (except video editing). Palmy Greetings provides a window into some of the ways people stay connected virtually and in-person through this pandemic. It was excellent participating in a safe showcase for small businesses hosted by Dress for Success. As a member of DFS: Michigan, Palmy Greetings founder GP was honored to showcase her collection at one of the many events the organization has hosted to support community members and professionals during this pandemic and prior. View S1E3 of PG Quick Flicks to see the dresses that were donated at the Juneteenth event and more!

All That Glitters

Glitter Greetings

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