Get Ready for the Palmy Paint 'n See in 3, 2, 1!

Get Ready for the Palmy Paint 'n See in 3, 2, 1!

Get ready for the Palmy Paint 'n See and Virtual Shopping Event! 

Thank you to everyone who purchased a Palmy Paint 'n See Kit! Some arrived before I could update the details. While last year we spent the evening painting, this year, we are making candles with a special demonstration from Scentimental Candle Co. 

Since you already supported my business over the past year (and change), my birthday wishes were already fulfilled! I am asking guests to support me by supporting my favorite businesses in a Virtual Shopping Event. 

So in 3 Days...

Bring your paint 'n see kit and 2 additional items (Pouring Pitcher + Thermometer)... 

and a serving of ONE HOPE WINE (use code: ONE HOPE), and get ready to virtually celebrate my birthday, and support some of the businesses that fuel me through out the year! 


In the interim, keep it PG! 



Zoom details are included in your Palmy Paint 'n See Kits. Subscribers will receive the information by 6pm EST on January 29th. 


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