Palmy GM: Southern Elegance Jumbo Wax Melts

Palmy GM: Southern Elegance Jumbo Wax Melts

Palmy Greetings! 

Thank you for the warm reception of the early fall collection, and for supporting the website launch. I have been almost as excited about Halloween as this new announcement. But first, I want to preface this by stating that Palmy Greetings is interested in empowering Black and other minority-owned businesses and organizations. The Palmy Gift of the Month is a way to use the online store to highlight work from artisans whose values are consistent with PG. More importantly, as business owners struggle to adjust to the current challenges, this is a fun way of introducing or reminding customers of other brands they can support as they spread cheer. 

The Palmy Gift of the Month is perfect for the holidays. You can pair your warm messages with a warm fragrance when you send a Southern Elegance jumbo wax melt. The Sweet Potato and Brown Sugar scent #PalmyGift is a perfect way to celebrate the Thanksgiving and fall flavors as the seasons change. Consider pairing one with a card for $15; beyond the price, you know you supported not one, but two* Black, woman-owned businesses! 

Palmy GM


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