Paint 'n See!

The year 2020 tested, and elevated my personal event planning skills. I have always wanted to bring people together to craft and create - and still do - but felt even more compelled to try something as we entered another month of lockdown in the new year. I decided to bring my friends together for a virtual birthday painting party called the Palmy Paint 'n See. Loved ones from all over the country - and their assorted houseguests - tuned in for a fun event of music, creativity, and celebration. I packaged Palmy Paint Kits with tools and treats and delivered them to individuals and couples the week of the event.



It must be obvious that I had a blast, but as my guests signed off, they noted how relaxing it was; how nice it was to reunite with others from the safety of their homes; the enjoyment of painting, and more. A family member loved the event so much, she asked me to host a paint activity for her birthday.

Palmy Greetings will always be committed to providing unique seasonal and custom greeting cards, but I would like to also close the social distance with paint events. I have been invited to host a special paint event (that I will disclose very soon), but I am extend my services, and some of my skills to my customers. Contact for more information on how to book Gabrielle for your own private Paint 'n See. 

Please join the mailing list to learn about upcoming Paint 'n See events! Let's paint together!