Palmy (3-Year) Anniversary!

Palmy (3-Year) Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to Palmy Greetings! 

I started this company in the middle of the pandemic to close the social distance with warm and unique greetings. On August 13th, 2023 I had a personal quiet celebration to reflect on all I learned these past few years. 

A lot has changed since I started Palmy Greetings,  but one thing remains the same: my PFFs (Palmy Forever Friends) constantly encourage me by sharing photos of their Palmy Greetings and memories of their favorite designs. 

This year, I am selling Palmy Greetings in store for the first time at Lumos Yoga and Barre. My Palmy Photo Prints highlight some of the sights, flavors, and colors I absorbed on my Palmy Excursions. I have always loved photography, but it wasn’t until I started working in communications, that I realized how much people enjoyed my “eye”. As we celebrate the new Palmy Designs, I also want to highlight the designs most celebrated by our Palmy Forever Friends!

If you are new, I would love to hear your impressions, but if you are returning after our extended vacation, let me know what kinds of designs you would like to see over the next 3 Years! For now, enjoy shopping and browsing, and celebrating! 

Happy Palmy Birthday to Us! 

View the collection now! 

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