Custom Orders with Palmy Greetings

Custom Orders with Palmy Greetings

One of my favorite aspects of owning Palmy Greetings is providing personalized greetings and artwork for customers. The pandemic has shifted a lot of celebrations, but the desire to connect and fellowship is even more pressing. 

My sister-friend celebrated her 30th birthday virtually with yoga and brunch. Prior to the virtual event, she ordered 30 cards for her closest friends and family members to thank them for their friendship during her journey to thirty. I enjoyed designing 6 cards for her to reflect different relationships.  More importantly, I loved how excited she was to receive the cards in the mail; I was inspired to know I helped her include her friends in the celebration of this amazing milestone birthday!

One of the cards from her order is still available for purchase on the #PalmyGreetingsPlus store on Zazzle.Com. [Purchase Product Here]. 

Other customers have requested art prints to update their space. With offices, and classrooms moving online, more people are interested in purchasing art to make their video chat background bold. My cousin was starting a new school year, so I painted this blue gradient portrait for her below. You can view the print of her painting and others in the Palmy Greetings store. Unlike the greeting cards, the custom art pieces are painted with acrylic on canvas, or wood panel. Visit the art prints section for samples of some of the most recent canvas paintings. Stay tuned for new paintings for the holiday season. In the interim, there is one painting available for sale. For pricing, and information regarding custom greeting card and art orders see the instructions at the end of this post.


I work personally with customers to help design greeting cards and paintings that celebrate the relationships that inspire their greetings. Interested in trying the service? 

How To:

Give Palmy Greetings at least 1-month to prepare your custom order. 

1. Schedule an appointment to talk about the design. Visit “Palmy Gifts” and purchase a “Custom Greeting Card”. The $20 cost pays for one greeting card design, and the consultation. If you are ordering custom art, the $20 will serve as the initial deposit for materials. 

2. Attend the consultation appointment virtually. You can share details about your preferred design, memories or information about the recipient(s), and reference photos. 

3. The invoice for the custom greeting card order will be sent to your email. If ordering more than one greeting card, pay 50% of total.  

4. Assuming you like your proofs, your order will be placed after you approve the final design, and pay the balance. 

This is simply an overview of the process. Please don't hesitate to contact Palmy Greetings with any questions. I look forward to continuing to provide personalized greetings that customers can see themselves in. 


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