(Hey) Boo! I Didn't Forget About Halloween

(Hey) Boo! I Didn't Forget About Halloween

Boil, Boil, Toil, and... 

Oh! (Hey) Boo!  

It's kind of spooky writing this, but I will not be fulfilling orders for Halloween cards through this website. 


GP: *Taps Microphone* I'm here to announce that I did not forget about Halloween! I made a festive collection and launched it on Zazzle early in September. You can find Halloween cards, and even a Halloween accessory on the #PalmyGreetingsPlus store on Zazzle [here]. View some of the designs below (available online in different colors). 

  Happy Halloween Purple Card

I am not encouraging you to trick-or-treat traditionally. Things may be different, but they can still be really fun! Send a card to a peer, or a loved one. Host an in-house Halloween event with these tote-bags, or use them to wrap a Halloween treat. You can mail someone an assortment of candy in the tote-bag with a card; or hang one on your door for your housemates to leave candy or anonymous gifts; the possibilities are endless, and I encourage you to think about how to incorporate Palmy Greetings in your sweet celebration. 

Give 'Em Pumpkin to Talk About

This holiday season will be a little tricky (to say the least), but Palmy Greetings is here to help you make things easier with providing gifts and warm messages to your peers, friends, and loved ones - even from a distance. This one here, is personally my favorite. 

(Hey) Boo! Happy Halloween

After Halloween ends (in just under two weeks), cards for Thanksgiving and The Holidays will be fulfilled here on PalmyGreetings.com . You can purchase them now if you want to get a jump start on your Holiday greetings, but no rush. In November I will released the finished Thanksgiving collection with a special surprise! Though we are still trudging along through one of the scariest Octobers in our lives [two words:TWENTY-TWENTY], I would like to thank you in advance for your support. I add cards weekly to fulfill your greeting needs from the personal to the political (see "I Voted" card). 

Following the orders and advice from friends and family members I decided to crystallize my new business with this website. Please refer to this site for newest designs, updates, and creative gifts. I will continue to post archived designs on Zazzle. Your purchase of greeting cards, gifts, and original art help me, help others celebrate love, and support a Black owned business. 

In the interim, have a wicked Halloween! 

Have a Wicked Halloween Card

- GP

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Thank you so much @Kier for looking at the cards! Your words are truly touching. I love you too! <3

Palmy Greetings

Hi gabby I love these all is them are beautiful I will be making a purchase!! Love you

Kier Ross Johnson

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