Palmy Greetings + SipShopEat: IG Live: 12/11/2020

Palmy Greetings! 

Thank you for your support during this Holiday Season - we have had to restock Holiday and Kwanzaa Cards because you have really been 'Keeping it PG'. When I started this business, I envisioned my table at a Holiday/Artisan Market, much like the ones where I used to sell fair trade and consignment goods. In reality, I haven't been to any of my favorite farmer's markets in months, and decided against exhibiting my greetings in spaces that would expose new or returning customers to cold or flu viruses. While this presents a challenge, it is not a completely missed opportunity; I have found wonderful community online, and in existing brick and mortars that have helped me connect and share with other artisans virtually. One such venue is, SipShopEat, founded by Taylor Colyar. 

SipShopEat included Palmy Greetings in their online newsletter for Thanksgiving and The Holidays. Artisans affiliated with the market have shared special deals and samples for their brands on SipShopEat social media and community pages. I am personally inspired to participate in a network of creatives and business owners who actively contest the odds posed against small business success with persistence and ingenuity. I am struck by words from founder of ShopTierOne, Barbara Peterson III when she said that owning a business is all about "adjusting to the current needs and demands;" as she supplemented her hair and apparel with face shields and masks. I channel her positivity and leadership as I approach this holiday season with intentions to adjust to the virtual shopping experience. 

Thanks to the help of I Am Shauna Moon or (my Smith College house-mate Jessica Innis), I have a wonderful promotional video for Palmy Greetings which I shared on the site. View the link here:

I hope this video gets you in a Saucy Holiday Mood, but it is not the only holiday highlight for you. This Friday, 12/11 at 6:45, Palmy Greetings will go live with Taylor Colyar to talk about the brand and upcoming events. If you have time this evening, make sure you tune in. Think of it as a warm up for the versuz battle with Keyshia Cole v. Ashanti; two other amazing Black women creatives who have shared their light with the world. 

Remember to Keep it PG! 

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