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Palmy Paint ‘n See

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Are you planning a gathering? Consider engaging your guests in a creative activity. PG Founder-Artist GP can guide your guests in painting, care-making, or a personalized craft of your choice. The first Palmy Paint ‘n See was held for GP’s birthday, and the subsequent events included a party, and a college reunion. Palmy Paint ‘n See events are great ways of connecting people from different locations to do something that people of all ages and interests can enjoy. 

Purchase one of the Paint ‘n See activities below based on your interests. Please note that the service is non-refundable after contract is signed. 


  1. Palmy Paint ‘n See Party + Palmy Packages: A personalized creative activity for your guests. PG will design invitations and send activity instructions to your guests. PG will also send Palmy Packages to attendees. Service subject to additional charges based on activity and number of guests. (Starting at $1000)

  2. Palmy Paint ‘n See Segment: A personalized creative activity for your guests. PG will curate the event, but responsibilities will be shared with party host. PG will compose an introductory message with activity instructions and a materials to be sent to guests by host. Guests will enjoy this activity as a segment of a larger event/party. (Starting at $600)

  3. Palmy Floral Notes & Crafts: Choose from a selection of stationary and craft activities. PG will meet with the host to discuss the plan but responsibilities will largely be shared. The host will receive a package with project samples, material lists and a composed introductory message for guests.  Changes to the activity will incur an additional fee. This activity can range in length and feature materials that are easily accessible. This is strongly encouraged for conferences, workshops, or corporate gatherings with a time limit. (Starting at $300)