As the year has progressed the calls to “Buy Black” have reasonably gotten louder. Palmy Greetings is pleased to be amongst a variety of Black and local media enterprises this holiday season. While today is gaining extra attention as a day to support your Black-owned business, It would be amazing if you supported a Black Artist. 

Listen to an up and coming artist on a streaming platform - regularly; interact with them on social media; provide feedback on their work; share their work by word-of-mouth; there are so many ways to contribute that span the spectrum of affordability. Those who have purchased Palmy Greetings have also supported my art work! Further, encouragement, as well as verbal and nonverbal reactions, are cheap for you, but priceless for the artist. 

While it is difficult to visit our local museum - at least without an appointment in most cases - there are so many ways to support artists and engage with Black art work today and in the future. Palmy Greetings is hosting a Black Art Sale! Prints, canvas paintings, and original watercolor paintings are all featured on the site, under “Palmy Prints”. This is the first of many art sales, but your encouragement and support made this all possible. 

Please take some time to enjoy the art, and whether you make a purchase or not, I would love to know your reaction! 

Wishing you a wonderful Thanks/Friends/Pods-giving and a beautiful #BlackArtFriday! 

Keep It PG! 

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