Father's Day Greetings

Father's Day Greetings

There is so much I can say about MyDad, but for now, I hope you see that I intentionally did not leave a space between "My" and "Dad", because...

He's mine! 

But seriously, I don't need to conduct a major study to know that there are a lot of people out there who love their parents fiercely. As an only child, I know I have a special way of showing my appreciation for our exclusive and unique relationship, but I wanted to design some cards that may remind you of the father figures in your life. 

In addition to cards that capture the tender moments of holding hands, and even stepping on toes, I wanted to honor the fathers that are no longer here. Through out my educational and personal journeys, I have met friends who lost their own fathers, or friends who are fathers. I created a "Father's Day in Heaven" card so people can celebrate in bereavement.

Others who may want to express gratitude, or appreciation for a family member during this time, might be interested in the "Branching Out" card. With so many great fathers in the world, it would be special to have more than a day to honor all they do. I hope these greetings make "YourDad" and father figures feel your admiration and gratitude when you send these unique, bright Palmy Greetings!

View the Father's Day Collection for more information. 

Keep it PG!  

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