About Palmy Greetings

Palmy Greetings!
My name is GP and I founded PG to help close the social distance with unique, hand painted greeting cards.

 As a person who has expanded my greeting card collection with every destination in my personal journey, I aspired to start my own greeting card company. My work and service arefueled by my interests in connecting to community members - near and far. In 2020 as celebrations were cancelled and in-person gatherings were suspended - leaving many feeling isolated, not only physically, but emotionally - I started Palmy Greetings.  

After years of sending greetings crafted by others, I decided to take matters into my hands - literally - and designed a Mother's Day Collection. The cards I designed were in honor of the maternal figures in my life, who like my Grandmother that lives miles away in Jamaica, close the physical distance from her children with hand-selected greeting cards. My initial interests and experiences have been energized by the response from those initial collections, and requests for custom designs. More importantly, with my own business, I enjoy the freedom to infuse myself - my culture, my loved ones, my travels - in my designs. 

Palmy Greetings incorporates illustrations that reference people and places across the globally Black Diaspora (and beyond). When you open your Palmy Package(s), I want you to feel a burst of paradise, like when I touch down in a Caribbean airport, and am greeted by the tickle of the light breeze from the palm trees on my skin. I hope these Palmy Greeting cards and more bring you and your recipients warmth and joy. 

As a greeting card designer I enjoy sharing my vision for seasonal and personal greetings through my online collections. As a Sociologist -in-training, I enjoy talking to customers about their intended recipeints, and the roles they played in their lives. Learn more about our Custom Greetings and "Palmy Paint 'n See" events on the site. As a member of supportive social networks, I am ready to inspire you to celebrate love, and support a Black-owned business by sending a Palmy Greeting (or a few). 
For updates on collections, events, and more become a Palmy Forever Friend (PFF) by signing up for the mailing list and engaging with @PalmyGreetings online. For custom and seasonal greetings, creative events and other delights, Keep it PG.
-GP 4 PG