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Custom Greetings
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Custom Greetings

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Are you celebrating a special occasion or would you like to send a custom gift to someone in your network?

Work with GP on a Custom Greeting. When you pay for an initial consultation below, you will learn more about the process briefly described here: 

Custom Greeting Overview: 

  • 3 Consultations

- Meeting 1: Pay Below; Discuss Ideas & Timeline

- Meeting 2: Review Invoice. Downpayment Due; Discuss Drafts 

- Meeting 3: Approve Samples, Sign Contract

  • Pay Invoice 
  • Process Custom Order 

These simple steps helps GP design greetings and art the client sees themselves in. Please allow at least 6 weeks for your order to be completed.

Customers have remarked at how unique, personalized, and beautiful their custom Palmy Greetings are. Projects ranged from congratulatory orders for mentees to wedding invitations and even Holiday cards for a patient list. GP is honored that these private chefs, non-profit owners, and health experts have incorporated Custom Palmy Greetings in their outreach and festivities. You can view a few examples on the site, but learn more by registering for a consultation with GP / Palmy Greetings.

Note: Custom Greeting card packages start at $500 and require a 25% down payment for consultation and samples. Final costs for greetings and other custom work will be quoted at the second consultation, and payments will be collected after 3rd consultation. This first consultation costs are collected for planning and will be applied to final order costs. This is a non-refundable fee, even if you choose not to proceed with a custom order.  Palmy Greetings is excited to work with you to produce greeting cards and art work that you see yourself in!
E-mail with any questions about custom work or special orders.